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I remember my mum going to market early every morning to get food. It would be just enough for breakfast and lunch then she would head out again in the afternoon on the way back from work for dinner, often with me in tow. I was expected to help my parents to prepare meals.

 ……….. Now, I have a little boy and mum has a new apprentice! 

My mum is the person who inspires my cooking. To make it simple, but also enjoyable. She told me cooking is one of life’s survivor skills. It is very important and will stay with you all your life. Also, it’s important to know that food is not just food but also medicine. For example, the way in which ingredients combine can help your body fight sickness and survive very hot or cold weather. 

All my ingredients are fresh and my dishes are made on the day. One of my favourites that I love to make is called ‘Bun Cha’. It is BBQ pork belly and marinated meatballs in sweet and sour fish sauce with pickled green papaya served with rice noodle and fresh herbs. It’s a dish you can find on any corner in Hanoi at lunchtime. 

I’d like to introduce what it is to eat fresh authentic Vietnamese food. The real taste of Vietnam!


Here is me with my family when I was younger and my little boy with my mum on a trip in Vietnam.

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